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About ADMP

Academy of Digital Marketing Professionals is a fast growing organization in Digital Marketing Training & Digital Marketing Service having a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals. ADMP believes in providing High quality Training and is strictly bound to it. In This Course Our goal is to provide Digital Marketing Training as per the current market demand and the team of ADMP is firmly committed to serving this purpose. We believe in “Revealing the Internet Secrets, so now Internet Secrets will not be a Secret anymore”.

You Become a expert

Digital Marketing is a mandatory skill for a large number of professional roles in the industry today. Through our Digital Marketing Courses, we have trained many entrepreneurs, professionals, and students since 2016.

Tool and Technique

There are so many Important Tools are available over the Internet that can helps in Digital Marketing, ADMP will introduce to all.

Website Design

WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool. it's probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in existence today.

Display Marketing

Digital Display Marketing is referred as online advertisement of Brand, Services in the forms of banners, Images, Audio, Video to generate traffic to your Website.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a digital marketing activity to promote Brand, Services using Social Media channels.


E-Commerce Marketing Strategy refers as new Marketing Strategy for an E Commerce website to increase traffic at your Website.

Marketing Automation

Digital Marketing Automation refers to the System by which an Organization or Entity can Automate respective Marketing tasks.

Want to be a digital marketer ?

Digital marketer has the capability to transform products and processes through technology and in a more cost-effective manner. This capability gives them the edge over other marketing channels and is exactly what a startup needs to grow and sustain in this highly competitive market.


 We’ll discuss why the ‘Digital Marketing’ is Useful and effective for your Career .   

Demo Class

 We’ll show how the ‘Digital Marketing’ can increase your confidence in real market.


We’ll prepared mentally how the ‘Digital Marketing’ can grow your earning ability.


We’ll offer an opportunity to upgrade yourself with the ‘Digital Marketing’ tools and technique.

Digital Marketing
Boost your Success

Let know about those who grow our business  and get success with the help of Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is all the rage. This is the reason why companies are seeking for professionals or rather digital marketers who possess requisite skills to take their marketing campaign to the next level.