Content Marketing

➢ What is Content marketing?
➢ Introduction to content marketing
➢ Objective of content marketing
➢ Content marketing 7 step strategy building process
➢ 18 types of content with examples
➢ How to write great compelling content
➢ Keyword research for content ideas
➢ Optimizing content for search engines
➢ Discussing authority blog
➢ Steps towards developing authority blog
➢ Ways to monetizing authority blog
➢ How to market your content?
➢ Debate- Doesn’t great content just spread by itself
➢ Understanding second customer
➢ Importance of second customer
➢ How to increase second customer
➢ Understanding online influencers
➢ 10 ways to connect with online influencers
➢ 35 unique ways to write magnetic headlines
➢ 180 examples of magnetic headlines
➢ How to increase opt-in email list with content marketing with examples
➢ Case study on content marketing