E-Commerce Business Operations

E-Commerce ➢ What is E-Marketing? ➢ How E-Marketing is differ from traditional marketing ➢ Real life experience, E-Commerce marketing training ➢ Key concept of E-Commerce marketing in current era ➢ Future grow of E-Commerce marketing in DIGITAL INDIA ➢ Difference b/w general website and E-commerce website in Search Engine Optimization ➢ Guidelines for E-Commerce Website Development (Only Search Engine Optimization Guidelines) ➢ Key points when you optimized E-Commerce Website ➢ Traffic Generation for E-commerce Website ➢ How to promote E-Commerce website with targeted Audience ➢ How Social Media is more beneficial for E-Commerce website ➢ Beneficial of remarketing strategies in E-Commerce business Promotion (Part of google AdWords) ➢ Goal Setup ➢ ROI Calculation]]>